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Residential Pest Control

Our residential pest control process is simple. It comprises five key elements which makes sure successful pest control program.

Commercial Pest Control

Business owners understand the need to keep their properties clean and keeping them free from pests or else the problems they face are extremely high.

Pest Prevention

Pests are defined, after all, as organisms that humans do not want around. They are organisms that compete with us for resources, carry diseases…

At Nature Pest Control

We take care of Pests listed below,


Bed Bugs







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Why Us

Full service pest removal

Nature Pest Control provides complete professional pest control services for residential homes and commercial buildings. We offer reliable, effective General Pest Control, Termite Control, Mosquito control, and Pest prevention programs to our customers. Our well trained inspectors and technicians will visit your place and present you a detailed inspection report after a thorough inspection.

One time extermination

Frequency of the Pest Control Treatment depends on the pest species, density of the pest infestation, and environmental condition around the structure. Pests like, wasps and bees will require a onetime pest service and cockroaches, house flies, and mosquitoes require repeated treatments.

Monthly maintenance

Ants, cockroaches, house flies, rats and mice and mosquitoes can be problematic throughout the year. These nuisance pests carry deadly diseases and these diseases can pass onto humans and pets. They are also a nuisance and bring mental stress. They also do many damages, in many ways to your building.

Competitive prices

For many, the biggest concern when it comes to pest control is cost. The price of pest control will depend on various factors, species of pests you need removed, as well as the severity of the infestation, and condition around the building.

Who We Are

We, Nature Pest Control Services (Private) Limited provide wide range of pest control services and solutions, all around Sri Lanka with our slogan of “Maximum possible green ways”. With highly expert pest control personnel who have experienced, excursive and learned user various disciplines in home country and abroad, are committed to provide nature friendly, cost effective, reliable service accompanied by integrated Pest Management Techniques.

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